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Management Matters Welcome

Management Matters Expert Witness Services    

Management Matters provides Planned Communities,
Private Clubs and Nonprofit Organizations with consulting services to creatively address operational and organizational challenges and opportunities in all of the following areas:

- Board Development
- Deer Management
- Dispute Resolution
- Executive Searches
- Goal Development and Evaluation
- Long Range Facility Planning
- Manager Training/Mentoring
- Marketing Plans
- Meeting Planning and Preparation

- Member/Property Owner Communications
- Member Service Training
- Municipal Cooperation and Partnerships
- Policies, Guidelines and Processes
- Public Relations/Organization Spokesperson
- Staff Development
- Strategic Planning
- Succession Planning
- Volunteer Development



Management Matters What Our Clients Say            

Testimonials 1

• I find Jeff's ability to define a problem or goal and establish parameters for its solution or attainment to be excellent. In my mind, defining what you really want is fifty percent of the battle. This ability has been honed over his many years as a General Manager, facing probably every conceivable situation and adjusting to changing times.


Testimonials 2

• Jeff has been an outstanding General Manager. He has all the components of an Executive. Jeff is organized, a leader, extremely decisive, an outstanding communicator, a superb listener, collaborative, consultative, a planner, an innovator, has an incredibly strong work ethic and without question is an out-of-the-box thinker. He knows how to get things done. Jeff's integrity is unquestioned.


Testimonials 3

• When Jeff chose to step down at the end of 2010, the Board of Trustees gave him the honorary title of Executive Vice President Emeritus and entered into a long term consulting agreement. As the Club's Consultant, Jeff is responsible for handling the Strategic Planning and Long Range Facility Planning processes and provides on-going advice to the Management Team and Board of Trustees.


Testimonials 4

• Jeff is one of the foremost experts on a national scale in the field of Community Management. Jeff understands all too well the financial management aspect of community management and the budget/planning progression. Furthermore, he understands the relationships between members, management and community governance. His sensitivity and intuition in navigating through difficult situations is unmatched.



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